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June 05, 2024 Galmudug

Omar Abdullahi Abdi, 33, is a father of five. He lives in Dayacan IDPs Camp in Abudwaq District of Galmudug State of Somalia. He is originally  from Bil’ad area, near the Somalia-Ethiopia border, from where he was forced to flee due to conflict and drought.

Seeking safety and a better life for his family, Omar eventually found refuge in the Dayacan IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, situated in  Abudwak. Despite the challenges of living in a camp and the hardships he had endured, Omar remained determined to improve his situation and provide a brighter future for his children. He recognized the importance of gaining valuable skills that could lead to stable employment. Omar made the decision to join the Olad Vocational Skills Training Center. This center offered vocational training programs designed to equip individuals and communities with support of CISP’s SETS II Project funded by EU. He attended a course on electricity power.

The skills he acquired opened doors to employment opportunities, allowing him to provide for his children and improve their living conditions. He was employed by Abudwak Electricity Power, a private company providing electricity service in the district. He receives a salary every month that allows him to sustain his family.

His story highlights the importance of investing in education and vocational skills, even in challenging circumstances. “Education and skills are the keys that unlock the doors to success. By learning electricity, I opened doors to a brighter future for myself and my family. As I graduated from TVET, I was employed by Abudwak Electricity Power” Omar said.

" It transformed my life and led me to employment in the electricity sector. Education is the foundation of success." He added.  "I knew nothing when I relocated to Dayacan IDP camp. Success is not just about luck; it's about dedication and continuous learning. My journey from the Olad Vocational Skills Training Center to employment taught me that hard work pays off."

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