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How we ensure timely nutrition supplies to mothers and infants.

Health and Nutrition

April 24, 2024 Shibis

Ensuring Timely Nutrition Supplies for Mothers by Streamlining Services for Enhanced Care

To ensure mothers and their infants receive the necessary nutrition supplies and stay up to date with their packages and visits for their well-being, Shibis Health facility offers nutrition support under CISP's Nutrition Projects funded by UNICEF and WFP. The objective of this facility is to facilitate streamlined services such as timely nutrition supplies and visits to mothers through systems that support these efforts.

The Triage is the first entry point of the health facility where the patient's needs are identified. Any danger signs including hypoglycemia and the last meal received by the child are also controlled here.

In the initial stage, patients are screened to identify their nutrition status: the measurement of anthropometric, MUAC(Mid Upper Arm Circumference), and W/H Z-score. This is to refer them to the appropriate program and admit any Severe acute malnutrition supported by UNICEF or Moderate acute malnutrition Supported by the World Food Program.

The patients receive health education, hand washing, immunization pre-test, RUTF (Ready to Use Food) systemic treatment, deworming, and vitamin A plus amoxicillin syrup for infection prevention. Counseling is also conducted for mothers by using the GALIDRAA approach (Greet, Ask, Listen, Identify, Discuss, Repeat, Agree, and Appoint).

Aisha, a mother of two expressed her gratitude for the timely delivery of nutrition supplies. "I am grateful for the support in ensuring timely nutrition supplies. It has made a significant difference in the growth and development of my child, and I feel more confident in providing the best possible nutrition for them."

Shibis Facility offers nutrition supplies, prioritizes personalized processes and appointment reminders to keep mothers informed and engaged. For the second visit, the health workers make phone calls, tailored to the preferred communication method of each mother. By providing timely reminders, the facility ensures that mothers are aware of upcoming appointments and can plan accordingly and Community Health Workers will follow up and visit his/her house to identify the reason, collect basic information such as the mother's name, contact details, and any relevant medical history or dietary restrictions.

"Having access to timely nutrition supplies has been a great opportunity for me and my baby. It ensures that we both receive the essential nutrients we need for optimal health." - Amina, mother of one.

Community health workers play a vital role in ensuring that mothers stay up to date with their nutrition supplies and visits. These trained individuals visit mothers at home, provide education on nutrition, assist with appointment scheduling, and act as liaisons between the facility and the community by promoting engagement and adherence to nutrition programs.

The center is also empowering mothers to prioritize their nutrition needs, promoting healthier outcomes for both themselves and their infants through cooking demonstrations and training. It is aimed at supporting and creating a nurturing environment that reinforces the importance of proper nutrition during this critical phase of life.

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