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Financial Constraints Didn’t Stop Me From Learning


May 23, 2024 Somalia

Hamdi's story is one of resilience and determination in the face of financial constraints and limited educational opportunities. Hamdi lived in the town of Abudwaq, in Somalia,  with her family, where access to education was a challenge, particularly due to financial circumstances. The cost of education had become a barrier for Hamdi, preventing her from pursuing her dreams and acquiring the skills she desired.

However, Hamdi 's life took a positive turn when she learned about the Olad TVET center in Abudwaq. The center was supported by CISP's SETS II Project, which was funded by the European Union. This project aimed to provide vocational training and educational opportunities to youth in the region, particularly those facing financial difficulties.

"TVET provided me with practical skills and knowledge that empowered me to pursue my passion. It gave me the confidence to start a new journey of life and become a strong woman who can support her family.”

Hamdi saw this as a golden opportunity to overcome the obstacles she had faced and improve her life. She applied to the TVET center and was accepted into the program. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for Hamdi, filled with hope and excitement.Financial Constraints Didn’t Stop Me From Learning

At the Olad TVET center, Hamdi was exposed to a variety of technical and vocational courses. She had the opportunity to learn practical skills in fields such as sewing, and First Aid. She immersed herself in her studies, eager to make the most of this chance to gain valuable knowledge and expertise.

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