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The two decade long civil strife has denied the children and youth of Somalia their rightful entitlement to education. As education is fundamental for the sustenance of peace and progression of the economy of Somalia, CISP has put in place mechanisms to support local communities and authorities to provide quality pre-primary, primary, non formal and vocational education. Targeting remote areas and vulnerable groups including IDPs and girls, CISP is engaged in promoting equitable access, reducing drop outs and improving learning outcomes.



  • Installation of temporary learning structures for IDP schools;
  • Construction and rehabilitation of girl-friendly education facilities;
  • Provision of textbooks and learning materials;
  • Support to local Community Education Committees and District Education Boards to manage provision of education;
  • Teacher training and mentoring;
  • Hygiene promotion and child protection;
  • Mine risk awareness education;
  • Recreation and non-formal learning activities during school breaks;
  • Promotion of school enrolment, retention and improved learning especially for girls;
  • Peace promotion initiatives through poetry, art and drama
  • Support to Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Support mechanisms



In 2012, CISP pre-primary and primary education activities covered the areas of Mogadishu, Ceel Dheer, Xarardheere, Dhuusamarreeb and Guri-Ceel, benefiting the following:

  • 10,975 children (49% girls);
  • 236 teachers (19% women);
  • 49 primary schools (4 in IDP camps);






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