CISP's HIV/AIDS programme Imprimer
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Our focus

CISP considers critical that HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support for people affected by HIV be integrated into the overall health care assistance to the Somali people. In particular, CISP’s intervention focuses in the coastal area of Central Somalia, where, due to the presence of pirates, the HIV/AIDS prevalence is higher than in surrounding regions.

Our facts and figures:

Between January and September 2011:

  • 2163people were tested for HIV, 15 of them were positive
  • 2165 people were treated for sexually transmitted infections at the hospital and MCHS, based on syndromic case management approach
  • 409 people underwent blood safety screening for HIV, HBV and HCV
  • 2497 mothers were screened to prevent mother to child transmission, 7 pregnant mothers turned positive for HIV
  • 22 patients have been treated with ART and are doing well


Main activities:

  • Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing
  • Anti Retroviral Therapy
  • Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission
  • Blood safety screening procedures
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases, syndromic case management
  • Community awareness
  • Income Generating Activities for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • HIV services integrated in TB centres

Geographical areas

  • Ceel Dheer,
  • Xarardere.

Planned expansion: Hobyo, Elgula, Dhusamareeb, Guriceel.