• Somalia NGO Consortium: – The NGO Consortium is a coordinating mechanism for NGOs operating in Somalia

  • NGO Safety Programme: – The NGO Safety Programme is a programme created by NGOs, which aims at contributing to International and National NGOs operating safely and securely in Somalia

  • UNOCHA Somalia: - OCHA Somalia website is dedicated to sharing of information on humanitarian and development issues, including the latest news, studies, reports and assessments relevant to Somalia.

  • Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU): - The Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit – FSNAU is a FAO project which provides situation analysis about Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihood

  • Assessment Capacities Projects (ACAPS): -The ACAPS is a project dedicated to improving the assessment of needs in complex emergencies, sudden onset disasters and protracted crises worldwide.

  • Reliefweb: - Reliefweb collects updates, information, news, assessments, studies and reports about humanitarian crises worldwide.

  • CISP Head Quarters: – CISP is active in over 30 countries worldwide in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The head office is located in Rome.

  • CISP Kenya website: – CISP has been working in Kenya since 1997. Among its other activities, CISP Kenya is supporting Somali refugees in Nairobi.