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Frequent sand storms can take a toll on buildings; over the years, Ceel Dheer Mother and Child Health (MCH) Centre had been not spared as was evident from the peeling paint and rusted iron sheets. The regular sand storms had damaged essential equipment like the solar panels that were installed at the facility over a decade ago; grains of sand accumulated in the cells paralysing them.


The facility is now in a better state thanks to the renovation that took place in June 2013.  The makeover included; provision of a new solar power system, construction of an incinerator, repairing cracked walls as well as painting.


Previously the facility depended on a diesel powered generator because commercial power is unreliable. The generator was used to run the cold chain systems, that stores medication and vaccines, which increased the overall running costs of the MCH.


“Commercial power in the town is only available in the evening for a limited time; it is switched off at 10 pm leaving patients in the dark. With the new solar power equipment we have light the whole night,’ says Ahmed Sadik, the Health Coordinator in Ceel Dheer.


Because of the new power system health workers are now able to respond to medical emergencies even late at night. “It will be of great benefit to our society, it will increase the quality of care and women in labour can be attended to at any time including at night,” noted Mohamed Ali Ulusow, the chairman of Ceel Dheer District Health Board.


Now, solar power provides clean, cheap and reliable energy. This has improved the working environment; Sadik notes that the ventilation at the MCH has improved, “the fans are now working to circulate much needed cool air during the scorching afternoons that are characteristic of this area.”


Every day, a lot of time and energy would go into the disposal of medical waste such as; used bandages, needles and syringes. The construction of the incinerator has created a ripple of benefits; medical workers at the MCH can now devote more time in caring for their patients. “Previously a staff member would have to take medical waste to another facility for disposal. I have done it multiple times, It would take us over an hour to drive over to the Ceel Dheer District Hospital to use the incinerator there,” observes Sadik.


The rehabilitation was done by labourers from the area and with locally sourced materials. It has not only provided essential equipment but has also given the facility a facelift. Mama Aamina Mohamuud Dhaaleey, a local resident says, “The health centre looks brighter now and the lighting shows there is hope if I need to see a doctor at night.”




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