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CISP staff from Nairobi and Somalia gathered in Nairobi for the second module of Creativity and Innovation Skills training.

The three-day session started with a recap of the first of the three-module course that happened in March 2014. It focused on individuals reaching for their creative potential as well as teams supporting each other for growth.

The first exercise caused a lot of laughter; in pairs the group played a game where one suggested an idea while the other gave an excuse why it cannot be accomplished. After a few minutes the partners switched; one member proposed a plan and the other recommended an improvement. In the end the team compared both scenarios. The group agreed it was easier and enjoyable to work with an encouraging team mate.

Such exercises created a warm mood despite the grey July weather. Throughout the three days, people interacted positively sharing their opinions and exchanging ideas on how we can support each other. “I have witnessed a lot of smiles while people were working together,” commented the Research Coordinator.

The team consolidated the learning from the first and second modules and used it to contribute ideas to build a proposal for a project to improve equality in boys and girls. This kind of consultation and collaboration was enjoyed and most agreed it boosted confidence. “I feel like I have added a skill in separating my ideas logically and creatively.  I sometimes mix them which leads to confusion,” expressed an education project officer who works in Mogadishu.

This was an enriching experience for the trainers as well “It was interesting working with this group, you have positive dynamics it would have been better if everyone was able to attend”, said Roshan. Shilpa, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert affirmed, “It has been a pleasure, your group was open minded and flexible allowing me to teach. Thank you.




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