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Mogadishu, Somalia - The day is already too warm for 8 a.m., but Amran* is not the only one who is used to the balmy Mogadishu mornings.  At this time, the clinic is busy with patients most of them are women, their young children’s faces peeping under the flowing hijabs.

Amran is assigned to working with survivors of gender based violence, a job she compares to two opposite sides of a coin; rewarding and challenging at the same time.

“Although I have been a nurse for eight years, I have worked with CISP for a year,” she said. “I am pleased that I am able to help people. That I contribute to the wellbeing of those who are suffering. This feeling is reignited every time I meet with women and girls who I have cared for.

“I mostly attend to victims of domestic violence. Many of them come to us with cuts, bruises, burns, swellings and other physical injuries. Some of these are severe leading to a lot of blood loss. I stitch cuts, sterilize and dress wounds, administer drugs and prescribe follow-ups and referrals.

“On most days, I work for seven hours, but I’m on-call for any emergencies.  Recently, one of the community case workers called me at 10 in the night to assist a woman. I had to respond to this but with the current security situation in Mogadishu we could not bring her to the clinic, we had to look for alternative solutions. Our ambulance brought her here the following morning.

“Team work is important to me. I work closely with community case workers, case managers, counsellors and other nurses to ensure we give appropriate and best possible care.

“I work in a sensitive sector and I’m always conscious of how this is viewed by some members of the community. We have to keep this in mind even as we attend to those in need. Our aim is to give them both medical and psychological support despite the difficulties.”


* pseudonym used

By Hussein Somo and Salad Ghedi




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