Livelihood Survey in Ceel Dheer
Helping Youth Solve Energy Problems Through Skills Training
Nutrition Services for Children in Bulomaxay, Mogadishu
Part 2: A call to act: involving Religious Leaders in addressing sexual violence
Mentoring Workshop in Mogadishu
Culture for Peace Event Held in Shibis District-Mogadishu
Refresher Course for Health Workers
Youth Involvement in Tackling Violence against Women and Girls
Supporting Girls' Learning Through Peer Tutoring
Culture for Peace Event in Held in 'Old Town' Hamar Weyne District
A Nutrition Center Established in Karaan, Mogadishu
A call to Act: Involving Religious Leaders in Addressing Sexual Violence
Scholarships for Needy Girls in Galgaduud
What the Youth in Shingani Think of Cultural Events
Nutrition Services Improving Children’s Lives in Mogadishu
Economic Empowerment of GBV Survivors
Strengthening Confidence in Girls through Girls' Clubs in Gaalkacyo
Culture for Peace Event Held in Shingani District of Mogadishu
Free Treatment a Reassurance for a Mother in Mogadishu
Communities Promote Peaceful Coexistence - Mogadishu
160 Graduate from Vocational courses in Gaalkacyo
EU Supports Rehabilitation of Somali Cultural Academy in Mogadishu
Health Staff Trained on Safe Motherhood in Mogadishu
Launch of Third Year of 'Promoting Rights Protecting Women'
Commemoration of Day of the African Child
Views on Cultural Expression in Somalia
The Commitment of a Midwife in Mogadishu
36 Macalimiin ah oo loo tababaray inay bilaawaan oo ay fududeeyaan naadiyada gabdhaha iyo wiilasha ee Iskuulada
Aspirations of School Girls from Mogadishu
Communities Care Program Review
Voices of Mothers from Mogadishu
36 Teachers Trained on Starting and Facilitating Boys and Girls Clubs in Schools
Training of Media Partners to Encourage Education of Girls
Launch of Third Year of Promoting Rights Protecting Women
Nutrition outreach activities in Ceeldheer and Xarardheere gives hope to mothers and their children
Culture for Peace Event Held in Mogadishu
Discovering Somalia; How a Work Trip Kindled Curiosity about my Country
Working with GBV Survivors; Health Workers' Testimonials
Rehabilitation of Ceel Dheer MCH
Meet Salman, an Artist from Somalia
This is how a radio announcement changed my life: Farhiya's story
Public Declaration against Harmful Social Norms - Mogadishu
Logo Winner for Culture Project
Iskuul Dadaallo ka Sameeyey Sara U Qaadidda Waxbarashada Galkacyo
Building Confidence through Vocational Training
CISP's New, Fresher and Sharper Look
One School's Efforts to Promote Education in Gaalkacyo
Understanding SGBV in Somalia: A Case Study of 3 Districts in Mogadishu
EU Culture Project in Mogadishu - Logo Competition
Vocational Training Giving Hope to Youth in Gaalkacyo
Tababar xirfadeed oo sara loogu qaadayo noolasha haweenka
210 Students Take Part in Planting Trees in their Schools
Improving Women's Lives through Skills Training
First Graduation at Alanley Primary School in Gaalkacyo
Waqtiyada Isbadelka Noolasha Raaxo
750 Girls Get Education Scholarships
Hey’adda CISP oo soo dhaweysay Ansixinta Heshiiska Xuquuqda Carruurta
Positive Messages for Schools
22 Haween ah oo tababar ku aadan maareeynta ganacsiga iyo harqaanka Muqdisho loogu qabtay
110 Vocational Trainees Graduate in Gaalkacyo
Raho’s Life Changing Moment
International Day of the African Child Marked in Mogadishu
22 Women Trained on Business Management and Tailoring in Mogadishu
Mother Calls for Support to Education in Ceel Dheer
CISP Welcomes the Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Equipping Gaalkacyo Women with Life Skills
Community Discussions: Avenue to Nurture Self-expression
Community Talks on Education
Assessment of Protection Project in Mogadishu
'Educate Girls End Poverty' Logo Design Contest - Congratulations to the winner!
Family Reunited by Livelihood Initiative
Education Survey Completed in Mogadishu, Galgaduud and South Mudug, Somalia
Survivor-centered Approach Training
Educate Girls End Poverty Logo Contest
CISP on the Road to Social Innovation
ELMIDOON Project Launch
Fadhumo Testimony – How Vocational training is Changing Lives
A Youth Charter to empower young Somali men and women
Second Session of Innovation in Problem Solving Training for Staff
Somali Children for Peace
Training on Conflict Sensitivity for Field Staff
Mogadishu Clinical Staff Trained on Global Standards of Care for Sexual Assault Survivors
Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict Held in London
Working With GBV Survivors in Mogadishu: The Story of Najma
GBV Survivors Trained to Make Re-usable Sanitary Pads for a Living
Forced Marriage; Teenage Girl Runs Away on Her Wedding Night
Winner Of Logo Design Contest
A Mogadishu Nurse’s Selfless Service
Towards Safer Communities, Sameera’s Contribution
Win $500 in a Logo Design Contest
Survey to Improve Protection in Somalia
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