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Our focus

From 2009, as a part of its comprehensive program to support of the agro pastoralist communities in Galgaduud and Mudug, CISP has been putting additional effort in monitoring access to safe water for human and animal consumption, with the aim of adequately responding to acute crisis, along with long term challenges.
As drought conditions have worsened, CISP is significantly scaling-up its efforts to improve access to water. Starting from January 2011, CISP has been responding to a severe drought in the South Galgaduud and South Mudug coastal areas (Ceel Dheer, Harardere and Hobyo districts), where the local livelihood is highly affected by the seasonal rains and climatic shocks. The failure of the short rain season (Deyr rain) has affected an area populated by approx. 67,000 people in Acute Food and Livelihood Crisis and 18,000 in humanitarian emergency, according to the FAO Agropastoral Livelihoods Population map.

Our facts and figures:

In 2010, CISP’s intervention in Galgaduud and Mudug includes:

  • 10 shallow wells, two water storage facilities and one borehole drilled
  • 11 Water Committees trained on treatment, maintenance and management of water points;
  • Chlorine and equipment for the maintenance in 11 rural locations supplied;
  • 20,000 beneficiaries (of which 50% women and 15% IDPs) reached;
  • More than 7.5 litres a day made available for each beneficiary;
  • 1,200 vulnerable people involved in CISP’s rehabilitation and construction work, benefiting from cash for work.

In 2011 CISP has rehabilitated and treated:
  • 6 shallow wells;
  • 12 water storage tanks.


Main activities:

  • Construction and rehabilitation of water points, shallow wells, boreholes and storage facilities;
  • Provision of equipment and chlorine used for treatment of water;
  • Establishing and training Community Water Committees, in charge of water management and treatment;
  • Cash for work;
  • Rehabilitation and construction of sanitation facilities (latrines and hand wash services), separate for men and women, boys and girls, for community education and health centres;
  • Provision of pipelines and storage tanks in urban areas hosting IDPs.

Geographical areas

  • Galgaduud: Dhuusamarreeb;
  • Mudug: Hobyo .

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