Nutrition Services for Children in Bulomaxay, Mogadishu Print

Mogadishu - Seven-month-old Abdullahi was diagnosed with severe malnutrition in April 2015 at Bulomaxay Outpatient Therapeutic centre.

The Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP) was opened in Bulomaxay village on the outskirts of Karaan district, Mogadishu in January 2015 to provide free health and nutrition services.

“My son has been sick and feeding poorly, my neighbour advised me to bring him here” said Habibo, the boy’s mother.

The health team at the centre has been working to raise awareness on malnutrition and to encourage mothers to take children for check-ups and follow-up care.

“I was kindly welcomed to the centre by a nurse. I explained to her what I needed, she let me to the waiting area where I joined other mothers and their children,” continued Habibo as her son looked around curiously.

Abdullahi was registered for nutrition supplements and Habibo issued with a card which will be used to record health observations and the amount of plumpy-nut collected. “I have received 14 sachets of plumpy-nut and instructed on how much I should give him every day.  I hope there will be improvement when I bring him back here for evaluation,” she said.

Free health and nutrition services are available at clinics supported by CISP in Boondheere, Karaan and Yaaqshiid districts of Mogadishu.

By Salad Ghedi Ali, Accountability/Communications Officer, Mogadishu