Communities Promote Peaceful Coexistence - Mogadishu Print

Mogadishu - A week-long awareness event on gender based violence was conducted in Mogadishu involving 156 people. They included religious leaders, elders, representatives of women groups and the youth.


The event which was conducted from 13th to 18th of May involved community members who have participated in discussions to promote beliefs and practices that encourage peaceful coexistence.


The aim of the awareness is to promote respectful interactions among communities as well as promote equal gender opportunities in families. The participants advocated for the education of both girls and boys.



The group also informed the communities on the available medical centres in their localities where they can receive free services. After speaking with family members, participants left stickers with a message on doors. Stickers had messages such as 'United for Peaceful Families' and 'Protecting the Rights of Women is Protecting the Future of our Community'.


“We knocked on doors and after being welcomed, we explained who we were to the family and why we were there. Thankfully, our messages were received well,” noted one of the female participants.







By Salad Ghedi Ali, Field Accountability/Communications Officer, Mogadishu

May 2015