A Database of CISP's activities

The Activity Update is a database which allows you to search the various activities that CISP is carrying out in Somalia. The system is meant to be a platform where updates will be presented and documented with pictures, facts and figures. The purpose of the Activity Update is to improve accountability and strengthen transparency vis-a-vis the Somali people.

Your search

If you are interested in a specific geographical area, you can select regions and/or locations and find out what CISP is doing there. Your search can also include other variables, such as: sectors of intervention, year, and status of the activities. In future, the database will also highlight specific needs that CISP identifies and observes in the areas where it operates.

Your comments

If you wish, you can provide your comments on a specific activity, directly from the update page by clicking on "comment". We believe that your involvement and participation is essential to improve the performance of our organization, and we therefore welcome your feedback and suggestions. To submit your comments, you can also fill the online feedback form.

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